ProSolution Pills vs ExtenZe

BIG and HARD decisions aren’t easy to make. We’re here to help!

A big hello and welcome back from Dani here from It’s great to be back with you guys, this time reviewing the pros and cons of ProSolution Pills versus ExtenZe – two great products for guys with sexual performance challenges. But before we dive in, let me tell you how much I enjoy bringing these reviews to you. And from all the feedback and comments I receive, I can tell you folks find them helpful too.

So, the question I’ve been asked to address today is: ProSolution Pills or ExtenZe. Which one is better?

Well guys, I’m going to sound like a broken record here when I say “They are BOTH great products”. Trust me: I’m not dodging the question. I like to provide my viewers with a REAL answer, and for that we need to do some REAL comparisons. So let’s do just that:

FORMULATION & CONTENTS: Well folks, for any product to be “good”, “better” or “best”, we’ve got to look at what goes into making the product. And here’s why I said BOTH ProSolution Pills and ExtenZe are GREAT products – Because they BOTH contain all-natural ingredients! Herbal ingredients like Amla, Apigenin, Zinc, Momordica in ProSolution Pills are well known all-natural substances that have been used for hundreds of years to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PE) and penis expansion.

The list of all natural ingredients in ExtenZe are equally impressive, though they are not as concentrated or focused as those in ProSolution Pills. So, on a scale of 100, I’d give ProSolution Pills a 100, with ExtenZe coming close with 95. It’s a close contest so far!

FUNCTIONALITY: When it comes to what each of these great products does, you probably won’t find them that different from each other. They are both great at addressing the quality of male erections. They will both help with enhancing blood flow to the penis, and that helps you grow BIGGER. And both ProSolution Pills and ExtenZz will help with giving you thicker and more sustained ejaculations.

So really guys, both of them will do great for guys wanting to “perform better”. But because of the way ProSolution Pills deals with PE, it gets my vote for being slightly better! On a scale of 100, I’d once again give ProSolution Pills a 100, with ExtenZe coming close with 95. Wow…that was close again!

BONUS OFFERS: When I’m looking to buy something, I often look for those “extras” that make a product more attractive for me to buy. And I like some of the Bonus offerings that ProSolution Pills come with. ExtenZe has its own set of “freebee” offers. But for me, I think the ProSolution Pills come with more value-add to their free stuff.

So, on a scale of 100, I’d give ProSolution Pills a 100, with ExtenZe coming close with 90.

If you wish, why not learn more about both of these products by clicking on the links below… and then join me back for THE FINAL VERDICT!

Visit ProSolution Pills Official Website / Visit ExtenZe Official Website

… and the winner is!

Well now guys, I said it before, it’s really, really hard to choose one over the other, because they are such great products. And from what my viewers tell me, BOTH ProSolution Pills and ExtenZe have worked well for them, including for:

  • A bigger penis
  • Harder erection
  • Longer lasting sex
  • Thicker and bigger loads
ProSolution PillsExtenZe

But when we look at them head-to-head, my vote goes to – ProSolution Pills by a small margin! But it’s what works for you – ProSolution Pills or ExtenZe – that really matters!

So go on and get your all-natural miracle herbal erection makers and stamina creators today!

ProSolution Pills vs ExtenZe: Which One Is Best… by carter101reviews