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Breaking news for women looking to lose weight quickly and safely! New research on underlying causes of failure for women to lose weight revealed. Surprising discovery identifies the exact reason why weight-loss is more challenging for women than men. It has nothing to do with strenuous exercises or newly invented “diet” pills!

Through today’s article, The Venus Factor is extremely pleased to announce breakthrough findings on why women find it so hard to lose weight, and keep it off, then men do. The secret revealed today relates to dramatically increasing the female metabolism to quickly and safely burn fat. The result: Dramatic fat loss – as much as 3 dress sizes – inside of a week!

This secret of female weight loss allows women to strategically eat all of the foods that they crave, yet still achieve all of their weight loss goals. And better still, the new research sheds important light on common foods that “peddlers” have long touted as being weight-loss friendly, but are anything but!

Fresh research today confirms that everything to do with weight-loss, be it male or female, is controlled by a single “Master hormone”. And today’s article uncovers that holy grail of weight loss for readers known by its scientific name Leptin. The higher the levels of Leptin in your body, the more intense signals your body receives to burn fat. And when the levels of Leptin decrease, your body receives the reverse signal – to store fat. It’s that simple!

But today’s findings also discovered that women are inclined to have twice the levels of Leptin in their bodies than men. While in and of itself this is great news for women, the bad news is that because of a condition known as “Leptin Resistance”, women are 3 times less receptive than men to the “burn fat” signals their bodies send out.

But the challenges for women trying to lose weight are complicated even more when they try to diet to try to lose those extra pounds. The latest research also indicates that women dieters experience twice the amount of Leptin loss at twice the speed than their male counterparts. And that’s the unique challenge that causes women to have such a hard time losing weight and keeping it off!

The Venus Factor

Using this genetically engineered situation to women’s advantage, researchers are now able to use the untapped fat-fighting capability of the Leptin in women to combat fat in all the key areas of a woman’s body. They do this by resetting a woman’s genetic “switch” to deal with how the female body utilizes Leptin. No celebrity diet, no crazy gimmick and no magic answer will deliver fat burn the way that a woman’s own genetics can. And that’s the secret recipe that today’s research has discovered!

The strategy used to achieve lasting fat loss specifically in women is known as Metabolic Override. And that is precisely the solution that Venus Factor is offering to women today. Using a specially designed system that does not involving restricting food intake, working the treadmill overtime or endangering the Thyroid, Metabolic Override can deliver fast, effective and painless yet permanent fat loss in women within a short time.

Women should not be under the impression that “generally acceptable” fat loss strategies will work for them, just as they do for their male counterparts. It will not! Male and female bodies are engineered differently to react to weight loss signals. Using male-oriented strategies will NOT work for women – they may even cause other health issues.


So for women serious about losing weight safely and effectively, today’s research confirms that The Venus Factor is THE ONLY proven and effective strategy dedicated to female weight loss.

Who is John Barban?

John Barban is a world-class expert in nutrition, physiology and biology who has taught such fascinating subjects as Human Performance at the University of Florida. He has dedicated his entire professional career to the study of fat loss and the human body. Learn more about John’s breakthrough science at Venus Factor.

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