VigRX Plus vs ExtenZe

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So today I’m going to address a question that many of our readers/viewers have written and asked about. It relates to two very popular products that I’ve already reviewed in the past – VigRX Plus and ExtenZe.

So, the question that I’ve been asked is: VigRX Plus or ExtenZe. Which one is the best?

Well guys, that’s a question that’s really HARD (no pun intended here!) to answer. They’re both great products, and have both received rave reviews from people who have used them. But let’s take a closer look at them both, and see where the chips fall, shall we!

  • INGREDIENTS: If you read the literature for VigRX Plus, you’ll see that it is an all-natural, chemical compound FREE product. The literature also specifically says it is a Sildenafil FREE product – which is a BIG PLUS in my books. ExtenZe too is a similar all-natural supplement, and has no synthetic components to it. So far…they both look the same, but I have a slight bias towards VigRX because of its specific Sildenafil FREE characteristic! But let’s check them both out further!
  • HOW THEY WORK: VigRX Plus is marketed as a product that can assist in increasing nitric oxide and testosterone in the blood stream. This combination of reactions not only helps with male enhancement, but also fuels the desire to have sex.  While almost similar, ExtenZe on the other hand acts by stimulating parts of a man’s brain that encourages him to have sex – thereby giving him a harder erection. Like VigRX Plus, ExtenZe too helps delay ejaculation, but I personally give VigRX Plus a slight edge because of how it works to deliver “male enhancement” results!
  • PRICING:  Both VigRX Plus and ExtenZe are similarly priced, and both of them are available from similar distribution channels. So if price is what will get you off the fence, then I can’t help you there, because both are equally “good” in my books on that score!

…and the winner is (drum rolls please!)

Well seriously guys, in my books, especially after reviewing both VigRX Plus and ExtenZe extensively, and reading all of the reviews very closely, BOTH these products are excellent choices for guys who want:

  • Harder erections
  • Longer lasting power
  • Increased sense of sexual desire
  • And a safe way to do it all without fear of side effects
VigRX PlusExtenZe

But when I look at them side by side, I can’t help but give my vote to – VigRX Plus hands down!

  • I like the fact that it specifically says it is a Sildenafil FREE product
  • And I love the way it works to deliver male enhancements where it counts!

And when you add those two characteristics together, VigRX Plus makes a GREAT ally to men looking to enhance their sexual lives. And so many of my male readers/viewers have agreed with me on that too!

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So go on and get your all-natural miracle herbal erection maker and stamina creator TODAY!

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